“I’m the luckiest girl in the world because I’m your sister, John…I’m a better person because you love me. You’re the wind beneath my wings…and the wheels beneath my butt.”
– Lauren Byrne

Lauren’s Ride is a 3,500 mile cycling journey from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Brooklyn Bridge in September 2012!


The Ride was created by John, Lauren’s brother, who wants to help his sister obtain her goal of independence.  Lauren is a 22 year old quadriplegic, the result of an accident seven years ago.  She has been unable to walk without assistance and has relied on family and friends to drive her to where she needs to be – even with public transportation, she still must rely on someone to get her to the bus or train station.  With the cost of a vehicle for Lauren running into the $50,000 range, John realized he could raise funds to help out by exercising one of his talents – cycling.  John will be riding his bike from California to New York in September, with the support of his family, friends and community, and would appreciate any help you can give.

Donations for Lauren’s Ride will primarily go toward purchasing and maintaining an adapted vehicle – and donations beyond the cost of that will be assisting her in her new life as an independent young woman.  Please click on the links above to find out more about Lauren, John, and the trip he’s taking to help his sister.  You can also follow along with media coverage and view John’s blog – he has been videotaping blogs each morning and evening!

Lauren’s Ride is generously supported by the non-profit San Luis Obispo Firefighters Benevolent Association (tax ID #770305877) and, as such, donations to Lauren’s Ride may be tax-deductible.  Please contact your tax advisor regarding the availability of tax deductions.