The Team

John started with the idea of the Ride on his own, but it quickly took off.  Lyn Bratton, a family friend, saw his Facebook post.  Within 24 hours, she had a website posted and John was stuck.  Shortly thereafter, he talked to Mike DeLeo, one of his CalFire brothers, who told him he would ride with him as long as he could.  Within days, John had a crew of about six people willing to help with whatever was necessary.  He even got a call from a CalFire colleague he had only met once, Tony Hernandez, who thought so highly of what John was doing that he was willing to take a month and a half off work to drive 10 mph behind John for 3700 miles, supplying him with bike tires and McDonald’s milkshakes as needed.  We couldn’t have accomplished what we did without the team we had.  Everyone pulled together and used his or her strengths to make Lauren’s Ride a success.  Not everyone on the team is in the picture, a few people couldn’t make it to the beginning of the Ride – but the team members and their contributions are listed below.


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