Our Thanks

We certainly could not have conducted a successful Ride without the help of all of you, whether you donated financially, provided meals, supplied us with donations for our auctions, or simply gave John and Tony a kind word, a prayer and a hug on their journey.  In addition to support from the local community, we were blessed with support from celebrities and media personalities, which took us a long way toward our goal (some donations even came in two years after the event passed – thanks, Wil Wheaton fans!).  After all was said and done, we raised nearly $65,000 from private donations alone, and another $10k came in from corporate contributions.  Of course, the ride wouldn’t have happened at all without the support of our key corporate sponsors, who not only gave us the financial ability to conduct the actual ride itself, but also provided the supplies needed to get John and Tony on their way:


San Luis Obispo County FireFighters Benevolent Association




Yamaha Generators